Darklight Content is a creative production company of fiction, both series and features. We are a “creative boutique” that aims to meet the new challenges of narrative creation: For spectators, a renewed relationship with characters and the storytelling landscape. For broadcasters (especially digital broadcasters), delivering on their particular expectations in the field of entertainment. For producers, the highest standards in the process of writing for the screen. Creation is in our DNA, it is what drives us. With a demanding artistic approach, we develop works of fiction, both original and adapted from existing works of literature.

We guide and steer the creative process, all the way from development through to post-production, and including the artistic direction of the shoot.We believe in a creativity that is the result of multiple talents bringing together and sharing their energy, their passion and their own « emotional imprint ».  Darklight Content works hard to bring together a richly diverse network of extraordinary and talented collaborators. Our ambition is to develop character-driven content; stories in which tragedy, romance, comedy come to the fore and develop thanks to and because of the main character. Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” (F.S Fitzgerald).

We develop cinematographic or audio-visual works rooted in European culture with an international dimension (in English or in French), local content that is relevant to the international context.